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Anus Hurts after Bowel Movement (BM)

There are many different types of problems which people may face during or after bowel movements. Some can feel pain in anus or some can experience blood during or after bowel movement in case of anus or rectum problems.

Symptoms when Anus Hurts after Bowel Movement

A person can feel pain in rectum or he can experience blood on toilet paper after passing a stool. Sometimes a vein is broken and blood is stored under the skin in the form of a hard and painful lump. Acute pain during the bowel movement with a spot of blood is also a symptom of anal problem. Skin irritation and discomfort are also common symptoms of anal problem due to which one can experience blood on the surface of stool or log. The presence of mucus in bowel movement can also be a symptom of itching in anus.

Cure for Anus Hurts after Bowel Movement

Problems of anus should be cured because if such problems are ignored then it can lead to rectal cancer. In the start little care and medication can be helpful to get rid of it but once it is older then it becomes difficult to cure it.