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Black Bowel Movement (BM)

Black bowel movement is not normal and some doctors take it as dark brown bowel movement. One should check the color of bowel movement carefully without any illusion. It is clear from the name that the color of stool is black or dark brown.

Symptoms of Black Bowel Movement

There are some symptoms due to which a doctor can diagnose black bowel movement correctly. Some of the common reasons are acne, fatigue, mental fuzziness, breath problems and addiction etc,

Causes of Black Bowel Movements

It is clear that bowel movement becomes darker or even black as the time of its storage increases in intestine. It is the process of digestive system that feces exit from body through large intestine but if they reside in body for longer their color becomes darker. It can be darker due to constipation because of its long storage so it should be avoided or cured. The color of bowel movement can be black due to excessive consumption of iron, internal bleeding or due to some medication.

Cure for Black Bowel Movements

Recent research shows that most effective way to return black color of bowel movement to the normal color is to make some changes in your lifestyle and diet that are caused of this black bowel movement. If you feel some symptoms such as fatigue, bad breath and mental disturbance then you can take exercise, improve diet or consult a doctor.