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Blood in Bowel Movement (BM)

In this bowel movement one can experience blood in fecal matter. Mostly patients feel pain or burning when there is blood in the bowel movement. When anus is hurt or some other serious problem occurs then there is blood in bowel movement so one should visit a doctor.

Causes of Blood in Bowel Movements

There are many reasons of blood in bowel movement. But blood originates mostly from the anus, rectum or intestine. Veins are swollen at the lower part of anus and bleed when the stools are passed through. In rectal bleeding small pouches are  formed which bled when bowel movement occurs. Some time there is infection in intestines due to which bleeding appears in bowel movement. It is a serious matter when there is blood within stools. Some reasons are common and can be cured easily but continuous bleeding is dangerous and proper medication is required in serious symptoms.

Cure for Blood in Bowel Movements

If blood appears in bowel movement only for once then one should not worry because it can be the result of some minor reason but if someone is experiencing blood regularly then it is necessary to get proper medication from a qualified physician. It is important to restore your health that there should not be blood in your bowel movement. If patients would not care for blood in bowel movement then it can lead to cancer. Patients should take regular exercise, proper diet and drink fluids to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids.