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Bowel Movement (BM) after Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is the process of examination of colon polyps, ulceration, tumors, diverticula and inflammation with a camera by passing it through the anus. Polyps are removed through colonoscopy even if it is small in size. In the process of colonoscopy the patient is given sleep to avoid pain during the process.

Causes of Bowel Movement for Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is recommended to those who experience blood in their stools because there may be polyps in their anuses. The purpose of colonoscopy is to remove fecal matter from the body. The physician should have a clear view of colonoscopy.

Conditions of Bowel Movement after Colonoscopy

After the procedure of colonoscopy the time of recovery can vary from patient to patient. If the pulse, blood pressure and breathings are normal then the patient is often discharged from the hospital. It is sometimes better for a patient to keep fast for the next 24 hours. A patient can feel gas or little bit pain after the process. Blood clots are often experienced in the first bowel movement after colonoscopy. Patients are often advised to drink more liquid to recover quickly. If the patient feels fever, chill, frequent bowel movement with stools, pain in the stomach or inability to pass the gas then he or she should report to his or her doctor.

Some patients report constipation, loose or narrow bowel movement after the procedure of colonoscopy therefore they have to massage their stomach.  Moreover patients can experience some other complexities after colonoscopy. They may have consistent bleeding, peritonitis and perforation of intestinal wall etc.