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Bowel Movement (BM) for Adults

The bowel movements in adults are different than infants or babies. In adults it is the process of eating diet, digesting it and then going to the bathroom for bowel movement. Bowel movement of adults is smelly, small or large and having some color indicating their health. Adults can feel pain or other complexities if there are problems with their digestive system.

Causes of Bowel Movement for Adults

Healthy adults eat solid food, drink liquid or mild foods and have regular bowel movements. The digestive system in adults is complex because it includes eating food, chewing it and feeling the need of bowel movement after digestion. In infants the food is liquid due to which the process of chewing and digestion is limited. This food is digested at different locations of abdominal and is collected in large intestine after extracting all the minerals and useful food particles to pass from the anus.

Cures of Bowel Movement for Adults

It is the sign of health to have one or two bowel movements in a day. Some adults have one or two bowel movements in a week that is not good sign so they should visit a doctor.  Adults try to pass stools from the body in such a way that they would not feel bowel movement before a proper time period.  The number of bowel movements in adults decreases due to hard stools or problems with anus, large intestine or colon etc. If an adult feels disorder in his or her bowel movement then he or she should consult a professional doctor for treatment.