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Bowel Movement (BM) for Children

Bowel movement is an important part of healthy person and it is different for different age groups. The bowel movements in children are not stable as in adults because they don’t care in eating. They eat different types of food and suffer from bowel movement problems. Moreover they have not enough knowledge to judge the impact of a particular food on bowel movement.

Causes of Bowel Movement for Children

It is a natural process to have bowel movement in all age groups. Another main cause of bowel movement is food eaten by them. A proper and healthy bowel movement keeps children comfortable and away from diseases of different types. The number of bowel movements in children can vary due to constipation or diarrhea.

Cures of Bowel Movement for Children  

It is not possible to stop bowel movement because it is the sign of life. If children would not have bowel movement then they need treatment otherwise it can be dangerous for their health. It is a private matter but you need to discuss it with your physician or parents. The number of bowel movements in a day, smell, color, shape and structure of stools are the indicators of health in children.