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Bowel Movement (BM) for Infants

Normal bowel movements for infants show the health of the infant. It is really exciting event for the parents when there is bowel movement of an infant. In infants the bowel movement varies greatly because it depends heavily on their diet. The color, shape and structure of the stools are different for different infants.

Causes of Bowel Movement for Infants

The amount of feces is very small because infants live on small amount of milk. Due to the consumption of milk infants pass through soft stools having different colors or shapes. Infants are very sensitive because any change in diet can have its own impact on the health of the infant. Any change in routine can create problems in the bowel movement of an infant.

Cure of Bowel Movement for Infants

It is not good practice to call a doctor whenever the color or shape of stools changes. The best thing is to wait until an infant starts eating solid food. After the age of some months an infant would have regularity in bowel movement. If the bowel movement of an infant is smelly, persistence or ill-timed then it indicates that the health of the infant is excellent. It is tough to detect problems in bowel movements of infants but one has to observe it keenly and consult a doctor in any serious symptom.