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Bowel Movement (BM) while Pregnant

The problems of bowel movement are common in pregnant women. It is common that they feel their stomach is hard enough and their uterus has moved to the lower part of stomach. Pregnant women feel discomfort when they suffer from constipation so they should regularize their bowel movement and should be careful in their diet.

Causes of Bowel Movement while Pregnant

During pregnancy the digestive system of women undergo hormonal changes due to which they face problems in bowel movement. It is common that more hormones are produced in normal pregnancy and the movements of intestines become slow.

Symptoms of Bowel Movement while Pregnant

There are many symptoms that indicate constipation in pregnant women. If women have bowel movement after 4 days, feces are hard, rectum bleeding and pain in lower part of abdomen then the women are suffered from constipation. They feel discomfort and remain uneasy during baby birth due to constipation.

Cures of Bowel Movement while Pregnant

Constipation is common problem in pregnant women that results discomfort. Pregnant women should take diet rich in fiber; drink plenty of liquid and take exercise because it will help in keeping normal bowel movement. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, cereals and prunes and it keeps feces softer and absorbs liquid. If there is not sufficient water then the process of digestion becomes slow and feces become hard. Water can be consumed in different ways such as tea, fruit juices or coffee etc. Exercise or walk is also very useful during pregnancy.