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Burning Rectum Bowel Movement (BM)

It is very irritating to think about burning rectum bowel movement. In this bowel movement patients feel fire like burning perception at his or her butt hole when stools are passed through the anus. The feelings of burning rectum in bowel movement vary from patient to patient.

Causes of Burning Rectum Bowel Movements

The presence of spicy oil in fecal matter is the first reason of burning rectum bowel movement. People who eat spicy and oily foods or use more pepper in their diet often experience this problem of burning rectum in bowel movement. When large intestine or colon is damaged then one can feel burning rectum bowel movement. There are many things that lead to rectum infection, a cause of burning bowel movements.

Cure for Burning Bowel Movements

First of all it is necessary to find out the reason of burning rectum bowel movement. If spicy and oily diet is the reason then one should leave it and wait for some time to cure it. A variety of creams and medicines are available in the market to cure this problem.

If patients don’t eat spicy and oily foods and the problem persists then it can be a disease or infection of colon or intestine. In case of more serious symptoms patients should get proper medication from experienced doctors to cure them.