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Dark Brown Bowel Movement (BM)

The natural color of feces is light brown or dark brown. The color of stool depends on the diet of a person or the medicine that he or she takes. Light brown color of stool will be due to dairy products and dark brown due to the consumption of animal meat. Different people have different bowl movement habits. It is very important to have a healthy and proper system of bowel movement.

Shape and Size of Dark Brown Bowel Movement

Normal stools should be flexible and soft having good volume, weight and texture. They exit from the body cleanly by maintaining their shape. The diet and lifestyle of a person is evident from the size, shape and color of feces.

Care for Dark Brown Bowel Movement

The color of stool may be black due to some medication or there can be some problem with the intestine. If the color of the stool is changed or there is blood with it then you should consult a doctor because it can be a sign of serious problem. But before starting treatment, further investigation is needed. In order to maintain your normal bowel movement you need proper lifestyle and diet.