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Frequent Bowel Movement (BM)

Frequent bowel movement means how many times a person have bowel movement in a day. This is different for different people because some people have one or two but some have many bowel movements in a day. The bowel movement is called frequent and there is not any problem if a person trips to a toilet about 5 times. If the bowel movement of a person is increased to 5 or more than it is excessive bowel movement.

Cause of Frequent Bowel Movements

Diarrhea, anxiety, stress, nervousness and illness are some common causes of frequent bowel movements. If the liquid in large intestine is in excess then one can have many bowel movements in a day. If the process of frequent bowel movement will continue then it can cause dehydration or a serious matter of health. Another reason is the time taken to bring the log to the door for next. This time varies from minutes to half an hour.

Cure for Frequent Bowel Movements

If there is more liquid in bowel movement then one should try to solidify it. One should try to find out the reasons of frequent bowel movement and then cure them. Some common reasons include bacteria, stress and virus so one should try to remove these reasons. An individual can consult a doctor for treatment in order to bring bowel movement to manageable number.