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Green Bowel Movement (BM)

Green bowel movement can be an indication of your disordered digestive system. In toilets some light is absorbed by the log and some light is reflected due to which it can appear green.

Causes of Green Bowel Movement

There are many reasons of green bowel movements. Sometimes people eat too much green leaves (chlorophyll) vegetables due to which the color of feces becomes green. The color of bowel movement would be green if people would consume artificial green color found in foods such as drinks etc. The excessive consumption of iron is another reason of green bowel movement because the body cannot absorb such a large quantity of iron. It is found in red meat, spinach and in other food supplements. People lying in the open sun for many days or People suffered from diarrhea can also have green bowel movement.

Symptoms of Green Bowel Movement

There are many helpful symptoms that can help a doctor to diagnose green bowel movement correctly. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, poor appetite, gastro, vomiting, nausea, gastroenteritis, Salmonella, food poisoning, giardia, Keratosis palmoplantar periodontopathy and headache are most common symptoms that guide a physician toward correct diagnosis.

Cure for Green Bowel Movement

The change of diet for a reasonable period of time can return green bowel movement to normal color. If the change of diet has no effect on bowel movement then consultation with a qualified doctor can help you in correcting the problem.