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Large Bowel Movement (BM)

Large bowel movement depends on individuals because every one has different bowel movement habits. The volume of large bowel movement is more than 1.5 liters and its size is greater both in the diameter and length. The large bowel movement can fill a toilet with human feces in short time. It is one of the unusual bowel movements having no cure.

Cause of a Large Bowel Movement

Large bowel movement depends on the ability to pass large amount of log from the body in short time. If an individual spends more time in bowel movement then the toilet can be filled with human feces because he or she passed large amount of feces in short time. Viscous bowel movement and semi liquid increase the pressure in intestine to accomplish the large bowel movement.

Cure for a Large Bowel Movement

There is not any remedy of large bowel movements because in some cases it is required to get rid of some problems. In order to regularize your bowel movement one should follow a schedule or frequent bowel movements to avoid the large amounts of human feces. By following time and schedule you can stop flooding toilets with large bowel movements.