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Mucus in Bowel Movement (BM)

Mucus is a thin fluid in bowel movement produced by the membranes. Mucus in bowel movement indicates serious problems such as crohns, inflammation or irritable bowel syndrome. It is also called slimy stool and can be dangerous for human health.

It is difficult to diagnose it without the help of a doctor. It requires deep examination to find out causes of mucus in bowel movement. It is not necessary what the color of your bowel movement is but the presence of mucus in it can be dangerous.

Symptoms of Mucus in Bowel Movement

There are many symptoms that show the presences of mucus in bowel movement such as nausea, gas, bloating and vomiting. This problem can be started with ache in below ribs or change in bowel movement habit. A person who is suffered from this problem can feel cramps in lower part of abdomen and sore in upper part.

Treatment of Mucus in Bowel Movement

The change in diet or lifestyle can disturb digestive system due to which one can experience mucus in bowel movement. This problem can be cured by diet or curing factors of this problem. If there is nothing such factor then you should visit a doctor.