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Normal Bowel Movements (BM)

Color, size and shape of normal bowel movement vary from person to person. If a person is healthy then he should have one or two bowel movements in a day. No body has exact information about normal bowel movements because there are variations of bowel movements among people.

Normal Bowel Movement Habits

Different people have different bowel movement habits according to their nature and diet. According to some physicians bowel movement should be in between one and three per day or per week. The frequency of bowel movement is not much important because it can vary from person to person depending on nature, diet and environment. If an individual has less than 1 bowel movement in a day then it indicates constipation but more than 3 movements indicate diarrhea. Normal bowel movement is very helpful for your health and it protects you from many diseases.

Size and Shape of Normal Bowel Movement

The color of stools of a healthy person is brown, cylindrical in shape and semi soft in structure. A normal bowel movement is easy to pass from the body with a foul smell but stools can be harder for some people.