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Orange Bowel Movement (BM)

As it is clear from the name that orange bowel movement looks orange in color. This bowel movement looks like a carrot, can of C-plus or an orange. It also indicates that there is some problem in your body and you need to find its reason and cure it. But first of all you should examine you diet carefully because orange bowel movement can be a result of some change in your diet.

Causes of Orange Bowel Movement

People eat different foods in different seasons and it affects the color of bowel movement. One reason of orange bowel movement is the excessive consumption of carrots. It is not a serious problem so one should not be worry about it. If he wants to return orange bowel movement to normal bowel movement then he should stop eating carrots.  After several days he would come to know whether the color of bowel movement has been changed to normal or not.

Cure for Orange Bowel Movements

The doctors do not consider orange bowel movement serious problem. So one should not bother about it but if the problem persists then he or she should consult a doctor for proper medication.