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Slimy Oily Bowel Movement (BM)

There is 1% fat in normal stools but if fat increases to 7% then stools will look oily. It Presence of oily mucus in the bowel movement is dominant thing in slimy oily bowel movement. A person suffered from this problem can feel gas and disorder in digestive system.

Slimy oily bowel movement is one of the unusual bowel movements depending upon the health situations of persons.  Bowel movement can change with the passage of time as the diet or lifestyle of people change.

Causes of Slimy Oily Bowel Movement

There are several reasons of slimy oily bowel movement that create health problems for people. Slimy oily bowel movement is temporary and is called steatorrhea. Stools of oily bowel movement are large and float on the surface of water. It shows that pancreas and small intestine are not functioning properly and unable to release digestive enzyme.

Cure of Slimy Oily Bowel Movement

First of all a person should find out the reasons of irregular bowel movements. Slimy oily bowel movement is caused by many reasons such as stress, diet or change in lifestyle. If the problem is manageable then one should manage it but in case of serious symptoms a qualified doctor should be consulted.