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Small Bowel Movement (BM)

Small bowel movement depends on an individual and is opposite of large bowel movement.  Its length can be 2 cm without any diameter. It is the lower limit of bowel movement because if the bowel movement is less than this then it cannot be called bowel movement. It means the person is constipated and he needs some cure.

Cause of Small Bowel Movements

There are many causes of small bowel movements but the most common reason is the inability to release human feces fully. If there is not enough log or material to exit from the body then the amount of bowel movement will be small. Constipation and some intestinal problems such as intestine blockage or twisted create problems for normal bowel movements.

Cure for Small Bowel Movements

The treatment of small bowel movement is not necessary because it depends on the causes of bowel movement. If there is not any reason or an individual is having some problem in exiting it from the body then small bowel movements are possible. If someone is facing some additional problems or abdominal bloating then he or she should visit a qualified doctor.