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Smelly Bowel Movement (BM)

It is clear that there is smell in human feces. This smell can vary depending on the diet and lifestyle of people. Smell is the integral feature of bowel movement because if someone says that there is not smell then his nose may be plugged or his digestive system is out of order. If the smell of bowel movement is bitter or more than usual then there is some problem with the digestive system of the person.

Cause of Smelly Bowel Movement

Poop and fart are the main reasons of smell in bowel movement. The storage of food in the body can cause the worst smelly bowel movement imaginable. The smell of a bowel movement can be different due to illness, stress or some kind of diet. A doctor can diagnose well after examining the composition and smell of the bowel movement.

Cure for Smelly Bowel Movement

There are many treatments that can be applied in such problems. Some of the most effective steps to cure the problem are given below. One can use bathroom fan, nose plug or window to avoid the foul smell of bowel movements. If the smell of bowel movement is due to some specific kind of diet then one can get rid of it by avoiding it. If the problem persists then one should consult a doctor to get its remedy.