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Stringy Bowel Movement (BM)

Stringy bowel movement is very thin, softer than normal and lengthy. Stringy bowel movement piles around the bowl of toilet like a string. These movements look soft in structure and can be managed to exit from the body from smallest holes. Reasons of stringy bowel movement can be cured easily without the help of a doctor to return to normal bowel movement. 

Causes of Stringy Bowel Movements

Change of diet, mental stress and illness are the most common reasons that cause stringy bowel movements. The small hole is the result of intentional control of anus, stress or muscles tension. The bowel movement is discharged through the small hole.

Cure for Stringy Bowel Movements

The best way to cure stringy bowel movements is to relax your muscles. The illness should be cured and diet that causes stringy bowel movements should be stopped to cure it. It is necessary to bring stringy bowel movements into normal shape and size of bowel movements. It is not a big problem that the bowel movement is like a pile of string but it looks more proper to have larger and harder feces. But if you feel some serious problems or pains then you should take it seriously.