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Thin Skinny Bowel Movement (BM)

Thin skinny bowel movement means movement of feces through intestines of low diameters. According to normal bowel movement the diameter ranges from 2cm to some millimeters. Thin skinny bowel movement is extended to a meter that is longer than normal bowel movement.

Causes of Thin Skinny Bowel Movement

The main reason of thin skinny bowel movement is a tight anal sphincter. In this way the log is skinny because the hole is tight and small. The hole becomes small and tight due to contraction of muscles and stresses. Involuntary cases depend on personal discomfort, stress and strain. Tight sphincters can prevent unwanted bowel movements or can help in silent bowel movements in some social situations.

Cure for Thin Skinny Bowel Movements

Thin skinny bowel movement can be handled by the relaxation of muscles. In order to get rid of this problem use your private toilet by leaving all the worries and stresses outside the bathroom. Try to relax the muscles and loose the thin skinny bowel movements to solve the problem. Some yoga exercises such as deep breathing and stretching can be helpful in order to cure you.