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Urgent Bowel Movement (BM)

In urgent bowel movement one is really in hurry to get into a toilet. The matter of urgent bowel movement also depends on individuals because some people feel urgent bowel movement only when they are suffered from diarrhea. On the other hand it is a regular matter for some people. So it is not always a problem for which you need medication.

Causes of Urgent Bowel Movement

Urgent bowel movement depends on rectum and anus that how much time they can spend without any bowel movement. Unusual urgent bowel movement is due to nervousness and some kind of illness such as diarrhea. If you eat too much then you can also feel urgent bowel movement. It also depends on your bowel movement habits that how your body eliminates waste.

Cure for Urgent Bowel Movements

The best solution of urgent bowel movement is to search for a nearest toilet and relieve from feces. If you are quite well and have not any kind of stress or illness then the urgent bowel movement can be a result of food poisoning. If you have the problem of urgent bowel movement then take diet with care. If there is urgent bowel movement then go to a toilet and relive the pressure.