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Yellow Bowel Movement (BM)

It is not necessary that yellow bowel movement is due to some serious problem in your body because it can be a common affect of some diet or medication but if some one is feeling serious problems and symptoms then he needs to consult a doctor to cure himself.

Symptoms of Yellow Bowel Movement

Changing the diet, hydration or environment may change the color of stools. In infants or babies the color of stool changes frequently with the change of diet or any other factor. There may be pain in the stomach or gas with the yellow stool. A person can feel discomfort, swelling, acute diarrhea, back pain and constipation in yellow bowel movement if he or she is not suffered from it due to some diet change or other common factor.

Causes of Yellow Bowel Movement

There are many causes of yellow bowel movement. Disorders in digestive system, biliary or liver problems are some common causes of yellow bowel movement. Pancreas and malabsorption system disorder can also be a reason of it. Mostly the yellow color of bowel movement indicates the serious condition of liver. If the color of your bowel is yellow then your digestive system is not working properly. One should learn about the functions of liver and other additional reasons that affect its function.

Treatment of Yellow Bowel Movement

If the color of stool is yellow and someone is feeling problems with his or her liver, digestive system, liver or pancreas system then he or she should drink enough water to remove dehydration and consult a qualified doctor for proper treatment.